Mama & Me Journal

A few months ago, while browsing through Pinterest, I came across a very interesting item…the Mama & Me Journal.  This is basically a composition style notebook that you can create for your child and yourself, to write back and forth to each other, as if you were pen pals.  Sometimes, your child might feel embarrassed or even afraid to talk about some very important topics with you.  That’s why this notebook is perfect; as it allows them the freedom to ask questions or discuss concerns they may be having, (especially during the tough tween/teen years), without having an uncomfortable conversation with you. It’s important for your child to know that this is a private journal that only the two of you will be reading.

Even though my daughter is very open with me and we have some very honest talks, because I’m crafty, I really liked the idea and decided to try it out.  I found a cool pink and black composition notebook at Target, (you can use any type notebook or journal) and then downloaded the label from the original website. I then wrote my first entry, explaining how the journal works, and also as a dedication page.

Luckily, I discovered this project a few weeks before her 13th birthday, so I wrapped it up as one of her presents. She loved it and told me it was her favorite gift of all, and that it meant a lot to her.

For the past few months, we’ve exchanged journal entries. I also sometimes include insightful, interesting articles for girls her age, and I print them out and glue them inside the journal.  So far it’s going really well.  I know that she is enjoying it and I hope that she will look back in the years to come, and remember the things we discussed while she was growing up. Maybe one day she will create a journal for her and her daughter…

27 thoughts on “Mama & Me Journal

  1. Awww this is so sweet. I hope I’ll remember this when I gave my own child. I find this really interesting and helpful for the parent-child bonding. This way they can open up to each other without the awkwardness. ^^


  2. This is such a great idea,it would be so good for kiddies to be able to look back in years to come and bring back memories.I think that it is also good if there are kiddies that do not want to tell you something direct.I have always found it easier to write down what I wanted to say rather than try to explain in some certain situations.


  3. I keep a journal like this one with my students. It is a great way to get their thoughts about the book down on paper.


  4. I started one of these with my daughter about 5 years ago. We used it a lot as she was entering her teens to ask all the embarrassing questions. Use has died off these past few months, but she will occasionally whip it out to tell me something still every now and again.


  5. I think this is adorable! I think it would be helpful for a mother and child to be able to talk about things that otherwise the child would be too scared to talk about. Also, this journal would be a neat keepsake for the child when they became an adult.


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