Baked by Melissa

Is there a way of enjoying six cupcakes in one sitting, and not feeling guilty about it? The answer is yes, if you’ve just eaten them at one of the Baked by Melissa cupcake shops in NYC. These tiny, bite-sized cupcakes come in the most delicious and unique flavors from traditional red velvet and s’mores, to the more offbeat PB&J and tie-dye.

Some of our favorite flavors!

Last summer, my daughter and I spent a week in NYC, and we had the luck of having a Baked by Melissa location directly across the street from our hotel in Times Square. Let me tell you, it’s very difficult to decide which ones to try, as there is such an assortment and they’re so small, that you want to try all of them!  Needless to say we visited the shop a few times…my daughter’s favorites were the cookie dough and cookies and cream. They also have a mini of the month which switches throughout the year, it was watermelon when we visited, and I loved it! BTW, if you’re into watermelon cupcakes you need to read this post.

Nighttime visit for tiny cupcakes!

Baked by Melissa has several locations in New York and also ships nationwide. So, even if you’re not in Manhattan, you can still enjoy the cutest, tastiest cupcakes around. Their website also has a “cupcake creator” that allows you to customize your own cupcake flavor, which is available for purchase (when you buy at least 300). But what a great idea for wedding or Sweet 16 party favors, or even a large school event?

The cupcakes start at $1 each, but go down in price as you order more. Baked by Melissa now has over 10 locations, mainly in New York City, with its most recent ones at JFK Airport and the Garden State Plaza Mall in New Jersey. I highly recommend a stop by one of their shops the next time you’re visiting NYC.

Have you ever experienced cupcakes from Baked by Melissa? If so, what flavor is your favorite?!061e8ae4d336b9efc980a28fef75f93b

23 thoughts on “Baked by Melissa

  1. I love Baked by Melissa!! I used to work a block away from one of their locations in NYC and I couldn’t keep away. I think I am the only person I know who could eat the 25 mini delicious cupcakes pack in one seating. I’m such a lover of cupcakes!



  2. Cupcakes are like my kryptonite! It sounds like she has some really amazing flavors. I wish there was one close to me.


  3. I have never experienced them but I would love to. I think that is a fair price. You can get your taste but yet the price will not allow you to overindulge, LOL. They look too good to eat.


  4. Either sadly or luckily I’ve never lived close to any of the shops. I wouldn’t be safe in one having only so much will power. After all, it’s just a couple of small bites! lol I am totally going to have to make watermelon cupcakes though; thanks for the idea.


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