Back to School Blues


Carolina ready for school!

Well, I can’t believe summer vacation is over and my baby (8th grader!) returns to school today. Where did the summer go?  I am one of those parents that never likes it when school starts and summer ends (not too sure there are many of us around). Especially living in Florida, where school starts in mid-August. I grew up in NJ, and I always started school after Labor Day. This always made sense to me, as it was September already and the weather had started to cool off a bit. But living in Miami where it is still brutally hot in August, the last thing you want to think about is sending your child back to school, when they should be out swimming. By the way, I’ve never understood why different parts of the country start their school years at different times. And don’t even get me started on year-round schools.  I know many of you will disagree with me, but I’ve always thought that kids need a long summer break, to enjoy family visits with cousins and grandparents, summer camps, vacations, day trips to museums, etc. And for those kids that do enjoy school, after a few months, they’re ready to go back and start the routine all over again.

While I welcome some alone time, I miss my daughter terribly at the start of every school year. And it doesn’t help that we just got back from our family vacation last night (more posts on that trip in the coming weeks). I love the spontaneity of summer and having free time to enjoy with my daughter, whether it be to sleep in late, or spend the day at the beach, without all the schedules. I have never liked schedules. Now mind you, my daughter does not feel this way. While she thoroughly enjoys her summers, she has always loved school too (thankfully). So she’s ready to go back. The back to school blues only affect mom in my family! I reminisce on the great memories we made as a family over the summer…the laughs, the trips to the ice cream shop, the family visits and the late night movie marathons! And every year I realize…one more summer down, not many more to go.

Back to School Blues

So, I would like to remind my fellow parents out there, do not long for school to start because you’re tired and need alone time.  One day, in the blink of an eye, it will all be gone and your school aged kids will have become adults.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the summer with your kids.  How does your family handle back to school time? I’d love to hear!

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44 thoughts on “Back to School Blues

  1. What you’re saying is so true. My youngest just graduated college so this is the first year I don’t have any kids going back to school. It’s weird and it definitely flew by in the blink of an eye.


  2. I am dreading back to school. My kids have been so active and involved in so many things this summer I feel like I have had no time with them at home. I wish summer was a little longer. But on the other hand I am kind of glad school is starting because now they have to be home. 🙂


  3. Part of me is looking forward to my kids going back and part of me isn’t. We still have a few more weeks before they go back, so I am going to make the most of it.


  4. I don’t know where summer went, but I want it back. I am so not ready for it to end. I used to miss my Daughter too when it was time for her to go back to school… now, she is grown and on her own. We are pretty much best friends.


  5. They seem to move the date up every year! When my daughters (and I) were in school, you got out the middle of June and went back 2nd week of September


  6. Finally someone who is not excited that their child is off to school – I am not alone!!! We just moved from Florida and I hated that schools started so early there. It is nice to finally have them starting later, we have two more weeks here in Idaho for my oldest but my youngest is home schooled so he is stuck with me.


  7. My sons are adults now. Although there are times I miss the whole school routine and all of the fun we had with all of their activities, I also love our life now. Your daughter is beautiful and I hope she has a wonderful and successful school year.


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