What is a Bath Bomb?

Have you ever heard of bath bombs?  I had not until my very recent trip to LUSH Cosmetics. Let me say, when I first walked in I felt like I was in a scene from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory!  The entire store is so colorful and full of displays, I didn’t know where to look first and I admit I felt a bit overwhelmed. I was immediately greeted by a very sweet and friendly young lady (who must have seen the dazed and confused look on my face), who wanted to educate me on their products. You see, LUSH is a company that uses fresh, organic, safe synthetics, and the finest essential oils. They also firmly believe in buying ingredients from companies who don’t test on animals. After she told me all about this wonderful company, I was still a bit confused as to what they actually sold, as the entire store was full of beautifully wrapped gift boxes (it was during Christmas).  Take a look:

Christmas Package Display

Christmas Package Display

They sell many items, shampoos, deodorants, hand creams and bath bombs, to name a few.  Which brings me back to the question: What is a bath bomb??


Well, a bath bomb is formulated with the finest ingredients and essential oils to cleanse both the mind and body. Simply drop the “bomb” into a ready run, warm bath, watch it fizzle and dissolve in the water and release a lovely scent. I bought a few items as Christmas gifts, and a few for myself too.  They all smell delicious!  My daughter recently received one of their beautiful gift sets for her birthday, the Tickled Pink set, which among many yummy smelling bath items, it also included three different bath bombs.

Tickled Pink Gift Set

Tickled Pink Gift Set

Needless to say, she was dying to take a bath and use one of them and when she did, her entire bathroom and bedroom smelled of the incredible scent. Our favorite is the Twilight scented bomb with lavender and ylang ylang oils, perfect for a relaxing bath and calming the body at nighttime. When you first drop this into the bath it starts to release a sweet-smelling foam.  The bath bomb dissolves slowly in the water, oozing out an abundance of pink and blue swirls that froth and bubble on the surface.  Take a look at this:

A dissolving Twilight bath bomb...

A dissolving Twilight bath bomb…

Who wouldn’t enjoy a bath a like this?  Oh and I should mention that the bath bombs are rather large, and many people break them in half and spread them across two baths instead of one (of course, we don’t). Here are a few more pics of the beautiful, sweet smelling LUSH bath bomb gift sets for your enjoyment!

Wrapped Gift Sets

Wrapped Gift Sets

LUSH Cosmetics
7535 Dadeland Mall
Miami, FL 33156


Have you been to LUSH or do you use their products?  I’d love to hear what you think.  And don’t forget to checkout their beautiful Valentine’s Day gift sets too!

64 thoughts on “What is a Bath Bomb?

  1. I have had bath bombs before, but never honestly gave much thought to what was in them. I just knew they were supposed to be good for my skin.


  2. Ah, I have been a Lush addict for about ten years now, and my daughter is completely addicted as well! She is literally in the bath as i write with a Bubble Bar lol! Our local Lush is probably my favorite of the four we’ve used throughout the years, and the staff there is incredible. Soap Cherie makes incredible bombs, too, but I think they’re only local to NYC?


  3. Bath Bomb is something I have very rarely used. But I can see they are so good for your skin being formulated with the finest ingredients and essential oils to cleanse both the mind and body, with great smell as well. Will definitely go for it.


  4. I have a friend that just started raving about Lush products. I have used bath bombs before, but I never gave much thought into what they actually were. They just smelled pretty.


  5. We’re in the UK and even my little boys [4 and 2] know about bath bombs. I let them have them for special occasions and they love watching them fizz and passing them around the bath. The staff in Lush are so lovely too, it’s hard not to buy lots of them!


  6. I received some as a gift quite a few years ago and I forgot all about them! I know my boys would love these, so I will buy some soon and hide a couple for myself. =-)


  7. I wish I could still take baths – they irritate my skin unfortunately. And I was actually told by my family doctor a couple of years ago, not to! 😦 I miss Lush bath bombs. So now I just use their other amazing stuff. ESPECIALLY Dream Cream and Lemony Flutter.

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  8. I literally haven’t used a bath bomb in about 10 years. There is no way I can relax in the bathtub we have now. I can’t wait to move so I can have a giant jacuzzi tub.


  9. I absolutely love bath bombs! I am glad to learn that Lush uses only safe materials in their products. I’ll totally be checking them out.


  10. Okay, now I see what you meant by a bath bomb. We had those when I was back in London, but they didn’t create the beautiful swirls you shared in your photo. They dissolved into a bubbly, sweet smelling bath fizz and that was it. I love this one too. 🙂


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