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I often wonder where people get inspired and get their blog writing done? Sure, I see these gorgeous home office spaces all over design websites, but I can’t imagine everyone’s space looks this magnificent? Take a look at this beautiful desk area, I’m sure this would make us all very creative…

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Recently I came across a company called WeWork, a coworking company that offers members access to offices all over the world; and some of these offices are amazingly creative and beautiful. So I thought I would share my creative space with my readers and give you some insight as to how I get inspired.

I’ve always had somewhat of a “work” space, even before I started this blog, because I am a crafter, always have been.  I have been making very elaborate scrapbooks for many years, it started with my trips to Europe, and after our daughter was born, I started making them for her too (she’s now 14).  As my husband likes to say, our daughter has the most detailed documented life, through her scrapbooks. And in addition to my scrapbooks and blogging, I also still work on photo albums (yes, I’m old school and still print photos) and also dabble a bit in party planning making invitations and favors for my family’s events.  So…I definitely need a large workspace, as I sometimes have tons of items spread out.

That’s why I love my Pottery Barn desk.  It’s been almost 9 years that I’ve had it and while it’s definitely showing wear and tear, I still love it.  It gives me a ton of space to spread out my projects and store all of my craft and office supplies. I don’t really have a need for wall shelves as this room has a good-sized walk in closet in which I had an Elfa system installed, providing ample storage space with plenty of shelving and drawers. (Those Elfa systems are amazing!) I’ve been meaning to give my space a small makeover, but for now, here’s what I have to work with:

My home office...

My home office…

I love to have a lot of light, and this room definitely offers that.  As you can see, I have travel prints hanging on the walls of some of my favorite places, as I LOVE to travel.  The large frame is a Thomas McKnight print of Mykonos, and the smaller prints in the yellow frames are hand painted views of Amalfi, which I purchased on one of my visits to Positano. Also inspiring me are a small plaque that my daughter recently bought for me on a class trip…Home Is Where Your Mom Is…a phrase she knows I’ve always loved and a really cute trinket dish with an inspirational quote on it…Make Today Beautiful.  Last but not least, a small photo plaque which I customized on Shutterfly, reminding me every day how much I love my little family.

CreativeSpace Collage

Do you have a designated home office or creative space where you work from home?  I’d love to see your photos.My Signature

60 thoughts on “My Creative Space

  1. Carmen I just love your space. I worked from home for years and had fun putting myself into the space I had. Once in the dining room and then in my older daughter’s room when she left to go to college for 3 years. Now I have a small office space in a business hub that caters to creative type businesses. So I am already surrounded by inspiring creative art and music which I love. I am still building my space as I want some of myself in it but also keep it professional since I meet clients there. I recently recovered my guest chairs in a teal color, oh the difference it made in the office.

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  2. I love your workspace. I am looking to move, and so I am looking for a place that gives me the ability to setup a beautiful home office myself.


  3. Absolutely love your desk! It has such a large writing space, or craft space to work on things! Where did you get it? I really need something like this in my office!


  4. I love your work space. That desk is something I need desperately. I have a home office and a nice desk but it looks so cluttered. Drawers would probably help. The color on your walls is so relaxing too, great for a creative space.


  5. I can only dream of a designated creative space in our home! I’m hoping in our next home I’ll at least have a desk (instead of the couch) and MAYBE I’ll be able to carve out a corner for my other creative endeavors.


  6. I do not currently have a dedicated office space in this house we currently live in. I typically work on the couch next to our kids in the evening or follow my son around from room to room during the day. I do love dedicated work spaces and they allow you to leave work and come back, and even focus on the task at hand. Our next house has an office space, so I am excited! Love your pottery barn desk. Looks like it keeps everything very organized.

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  7. Hi Carmen, Beautiful images – great office space for you and what you do!! I just, last month, did a deep cleaning and moved furniture around so I could have a view of the woods outside my window and my office also looks soooo much better – Fabulous work you did!

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  8. I love all of the white in your creative space! I love lots of drawers and shelves in my creative space. I got a beautiful wooden desk with hutch for $25 from Craigslist – a business was closing down. I LOVE it because there is a lot of places to store things that I often need easy access to.

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