Leaving Time

To continue with my summer book reviews, here’s my next pick…

Leaving Time, the latest book from NY Times Bestselling author, Jodi Picoult, has to be one of the books that has surprised me the most with its ending. I must admit I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Jodi Picoult.  I have read many of her books, because I think she is an amazing writer (I loved My Sister’s Keeper), and I would love to meet her at a book signing. However, I haven’t loved all of her stories, they’re not for everyone. After a few chapters I thought I was in for another disappointment…and then suddenly, I could not put it down.  And the ending was completely unexpected, there is a reason it debuted at #1 on the NY Times bestseller list.

Leaving Time. Photo courtesy of Jodi Piccoult.

Leaving Time, photo courtesy of Jodi Picoult.

Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult (synopsis)

For more than a decade, Jenna Metcalf has never stopped thinking about her mother, Alice, who mysteriously disappeared in the wake of a tragic accident. Refusing to believe that she would be abandoned as a young child, Jenna searches for her mother regularly online and pores over the pages of Alice’s old journals. A scientist who studied grief among elephants, Alice wrote mostly of her research among the animals she loved, yet Jenna hopes the entries will provide a clue to her mother’s whereabouts.

Desperate to find the truth, Jenna enlists two unlikely allies in her quest. The first is Serenity Jones, a psychic who rose to fame finding missing persons—only to later doubt her gifts. The second is Virgil Stanhope, a jaded private detective who originally investigated Alice’s case along with the strange, possibly linked death of one of her colleagues. As the three work together to uncover what happened to Alice, they realize that in asking hard questions, they’ll have to face even harder answers.

So, pickup a copy of Leaving Time or download it to your e-reader, and enjoy a great summer read.
Have you read any good books lately?  I love suggestions!

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25 thoughts on “Leaving Time

  1. I have read this author before but not this book–it sounds like I might like it! I will put it on my tbr list–as for what I have read lately? I have read so many I can’t begin to list them all!


  2. I think some of the best books are those that surprise you in this way. I think sometimes NOT liking something (at first anyway) keeps us continuing to read hoping that it will twist or change, in this case, IT DID! You are correct, a writer does not make it to the best seller list for nothing, although not all books are one’s personal style or genre – this sounds very good. I’ll check it out. Thank you for the review!

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  3. I am Jodi Picoult’s newest fan! I just finished her book ‘Lone Wolf’ two days ago and it was one of the best books I’ve ever read! One of my friends lent me a stack of her books…I can’t wait to read them all!


  4. This is good to know! I am not a huge fan of Jodi Piccoult. I had to write a paper on one of her books in college a few years ago. It literally drove me insane. I wanted to throttle the woman, lol. But, I do like to read, and I love to give an author a second chance when I find a great book.


  5. Well I’ll tell you romantic stories puts me to sleep, and even whodunit stories do too, but some how I think my daughter would love this one for sure. Going to have to tell her about it. Thanks for sharing.


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