The Cookie Dough Cafe

I don’t know about all of you (although I can take a guess), but my family loves raw cookie dough so much that when we buy the package at our local super market, half the product does not make it on to the cookie sheet.  And yes, we’ve all heard of the dangers of getting salmonella by eating raw cookie dough, but does anyone ever really listen to that?  Well, luckily for us cookie dough lovers, there’s a new product in town that will let us enjoy all the raw cookie dough we desire, without the worries.IMG_3496

The Cookie Dough Café has created a delicious cookie dough product that can be eaten like ice cream but contains no raw eggs, it is actually meant to be eaten raw right out of the cookie jar, not cooked.  What??? Yes, sister entrepreneurs Joan Pacetti and Julia Schmid have created what we’ve all been dreaming of since childhood…edible cookie dough. The product was featured on Shark Tank (hubby loves watching this show) and its success led the products to be sold through many dining locations, select grocery stores, and online. Oh yeah, and it comes in 4 different flavors.  Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Monster (natural peanut butter and oats loaded with chocolate chips and M&Ms) and last but certainly not last, Naked Dough, for the non-chocolate lovers (I’ve never met one but OK).  They also offer 3 gluten-free flavors, Peanut Butter, Creamy Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Chip.

Four different flavors available.

Four different flavors available.

You can purchase it in pint size and keep it refrigerated or you can also buy the single serve cookie dough cups, that come in a pack of 4 (these are great for a lunchbox treat on special days).

Pack of 4 cups.

Pack of 4 single serving cups.

To find other product locations, or to check out other cookie dough flavors, visit the Cookie Dough Cafe website at

Do you love raw cookie dough?  Have you tried The Cookie Dough Cafe? I’d love to hear your thoughts…My Signature

48 thoughts on “The Cookie Dough Cafe

  1. Yay! Where I grew up we had a little shop downtown that sold raw cookie dough like this. We still go there when we go back to visit. I’ve got to find out if they sell this anywhere near me…..


  2. I think everyone loves raw cookie dough. I am so glad that products are coming out to make it safe to eat raw – I will be on the lookout for this brand. Ours rarely make it to the cookie sheet too!


  3. Does the oatmeal raisin come in 5 gallon bucket size? If so I’ll take a pallet please. These look really good. I would probably hide them in strategic locations throughout the house in order to enjoy them discreetly throughout the day.

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  4. I just love Cookie Dough so much & I never know you have different flavors to try out. The Jar looks cute & it is going to feel great to try all the flavors one after another sometime.


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