Fun Facts…

Every once in a while I come across these fun and interesting blog questionnaires.  I am a sucker for those and I think it’s a fun way for bloggers to get to know each other better.  So, here it goes:

1. Something you will…
refuse to do for the rest of your life: Stop traveling. I know many folks feel that it’s not as necessary once you’re older, but I completely disagree. I love to travel, and some of my best memories are from my trips. God willing I will have the means and health to continue traveling into my golden years.
always do forever: Continue to work on my very elaborate scrapbooks! To me, they are the best reminders of family gatherings, fantastic vacations, and important moments in our lives. I not only enjoy working on them but also love to look at them often and reminisce.

2. Something you think is…
certifiably disgusting: Oh, wow, where to start? I find many things disgusting but I must admit I really hate it when people look like they have not showered in days (and no, I am not talking about the poor homeless). I mean seriously, how hard is it to brush your hair and brush your teeth everyday, and let’s not forget some deodorant too!
absolutely amazing: My faith. It has kept me going through some tough moments in life and I am so thankful for it.

3. A compliment you’ve been given that’s made you…
feel on top of the world: That I am very creative. I love to work on many projects and have been told many times that I should start my own party planning business. I love to hear that because I put a lot of effort and time into all of my projects, and I love to see people happy with my creations.
pretty upset: Not really sure about this one, if it makes me upset then it’s not a compliment, right?

4. A name you…
hate: Ofelia. My apologies in advance to any Ofelias out there who may be reading this, but it just sounds like an old granny name. Have never liked it 😦
love: Aside from Carolina and Isabel (my daughter’s names) I also love Olivia. I always said that if I had another daughter (which I did not 😦 ) I would name her Olivia Marie.

5. Something people say about you that you…
know is entirely false: That I am very tough. Definitely not true…if anything I am one of the most emotional and sensitive people I know, I mean, I cry watching TV commercials and listening to certain church songs…many things can actually set off my waterworks!
think is on point: That I am the most organized person they have ever met, and I probably am!

6. A taste you…
can’t stand: Not sure about this one either…hmmm
can’t get enough of: Condensed milk, really, I can have it every single day, right out of the can!

7. A movie you always…
turn off immediately: any westerns, sorry, just not into them at all!
watch a million times: ooh, so many movies I love, but what the heck, I am a die hard Sound of Music fan, and I also love The Devil Wears Prada, Pitch Perfect, The Object of My Affection and Love Actually (yeah, I love my movies)!

8. Animal you…
fear: Oh I think I would hate to come across a bit rat. Just thinking about it is making the hairs on my arms stand!
need in your life right this instant: truly, none. I am just not an animal person, although who can resist a cute tiny puppy?

9. Something you…
will never ever eat: There are many gross things I have seen people eat but I don’t think I could ever put a fried tarantula in my mouth…UGH!
would eat for every meal if you were given the chance: Pasta, any type really!

10. To enhance your looks you…
would love to, but would probably never resort to: getting laser surgery to correct my vision, but would absolutely never have the courage to have someone work on my eyes! I have a huge fear of being blind and heck, I have a hard time putting on my contacts everyday!
just stick to: My regular mani/pedis. I think it’s so important for people to have nice looking hands and feet. I have been getting manicures on a regular basis since I was 16!

So, how would you answer some of these questions?  I’d love to hear!

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32 thoughts on “Fun Facts…

  1. Rats, even the thought of them makes me shudder. Eating bugs–I don’t think so—-Sound of Music, Grease and The Al Joslin Story (with Neil Diamond–I love Neil Diamond!) are among my absolute favorite movies.


  2. These are so fun! I absolutely adore Love Actually!! Its one of my favorite movies, and my husband and I watch it every year. It always makes us laugh to see how young Andrew Lincoln is (plus his amazing turtleneck collection) because we watch him every week on The Walking Dead now. Totally night and day. This next year’s watching will be sad though now that Alan Rickman has passed.

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  3. How can you forget Dirty Dancing?! I laughed at how you hate the name Ofelia but love Olivia. To me, they’re very similar.
    I liked these questions (more than others), I may do it myself!!

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  4. As a mom, I’ve dealt with so many disgusting things from cleaning up bodily fluids to dealing just from my children. I get that not taking a shower, doing your hair, ect is a turn off but as a chronic pain suffer I am given a certain number of spoons to deal with life’s daily demands. I do try to shower daily but it’s not always possible. My hair is in a messy hairstyle most days unless I’m leaving the house. It is what it is and I do what I can.


  5. Oh my goodness I can’t watch western movies either!! When I see them on TV I hurry and change he channel!! Haaa!! I’m glad I’m not the only one!! N


  6. I loved reading through your answers. Really fun read and this would be something fun to do in short form at a get together with family or friends. I laughed at your answer regarding movies and westerns…I have always loved westerns. I blame John Wayne for that. 😉


  7. This is absolutely fun & I love reading all these fun facts. And yeah Condensed milk is something I would have every day, anytime as well! As I love traveling there is no way of giving it up!


  8. I don’t know, I think I could try a fried trantula atleast one time in my lifetime. I mean Andrew Zimmerman makes it look so easy! I’m with you on traveling, I don’t ever want to stop traveling! I have every country on my bucket list to visit at least once in my lifetime.

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  9. Absolutely loving this questionnaire, I think one question I would like to answer is the one thing I would never stop doing is traveling, I love to travel and hope my future kids will be the same


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