Gifts for Teen Girls

Our sweet daughter was born in January.  Coincidentally, most of my family was (except me).  What to gift her for her birthday, 2 weeks after Christmas?  This is my dilemma every year, and as she gets older, the choices become more difficult. This past January was extremely hard, as all she desires anymore are gift cards to her favorite stores.  While there is nothing wrong with gift cards, I prefer to buy her gifts, as I feel it’s more of the thought that usually counts. So here is a list I put together for anyone out there experiencing this issue with their teen daughter, niece, goddaughter or friend:

Barrington personalized bags & accessories Barrington Gifts offers high quality leather bags, totes, duffle bags, wallets, cabin bags, writing instruments, crossbody bags, passport and laptop cases. Customizable in many colors and prints.


A subscription to Disney+  Our daughter just recently asked us if she could subscribe to this service, so I think any teenager would enjoy it.


A relaxing spa set Any young lady would enjoy a relaxing spa set, which may include scented candles, bath bombs and face masks.


A pink Echo Dot Who doesn’t love Alexa??


Alex and Ani Flying Butterfly Duo Charm Bangle Set Alex and Ani have so many options of adorable bracelets, rings and necklaces.  Tons of options to choose from, wherever your young lady’s interests may lie.


Adidas Originals Women’s Gazelle Sneaker Adidas sneakers are so popular nowadays, and there is a large variety to choose from.


Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette  This is a very nice palette for any make-up loving teen.


Pink Colorblock Felt Letter Board These boards have become very popular for room decor and even at parties and gatherings.  They come in a variety of colors as well.

felt board

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer Since no one uses cameras anymore, especially the younger generations, these little photo printers allow them to print photos directly from their cell phones.

photo printer

Sunrise Alarm Clark We know teens have a very hard time waking up in the mornings.  Sunrise clocks are designed to mimic the sun rising by slowly filling your room with light. When the alarm finally rings, your room is bright, which makes waking up less abrupt. It also includes an FM radio and USB charging port. (This may be a huge hit for college freshman).


And of course you can never go wrong with Apple AirPods.


Shopping for teens can be very difficult at times, I hope this list gives you some ideas.  I would love to hear what you have gifted teens?

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Mason Jar Gifts for the Holidays

Mason jars are all the rage these days. From home decor to wedding centerpieces to light fixtures to stationery to housewares, mason jars make the perfect gift.  Every year I find myself searching for new and original Secret Santa gifts for friends and my daughter’s classmates.  This year I decided to make some gifts, using mason jars.  You can fit almost anything into a mason jar, tie it up with some ribbon, add a cute tag, and voila!  Here are some of my favorite mason jar gift ideas for the holidays:

M&M Poem Jar, click here.

I actually made this same exact one last year for a Secret Santa gift for my daughter’s school.  It came out so cute!  M&M Christmas Poem Jar, click here.

Hot Chocolate in a Jar, click here.

Hot Cocoa Mason Jars, click here.

For the golfer, click here.

Mason Jar for the Golfer, click here.

Chocolate Kisses Mason Jar, click here.

Chocolate Kisses Mason Jar, click here.

Peppermint Pampering Mason Jar, click here.

Peppermint Pampering Mason Jar, click here.

The Mason Jar Cookie Company, click here.

The Mason Jar Cookie Company, click here.

Spa in a Jar, click here.

Spa in a Jar, click here.

Santa Twizzlers Mason Jar, click here.

Santa Twizzlers Mason Jar, click here.

For the Baker, click here.

Mas Jar for the Baker, click here.

Nutcraker topped Popcorn & Peppermint Mason Jars, click here.

Nutcracker topped Popcorn & Peppermint Mason Jars, click here.

Crafts in s Jar, click here.

Mason Jar for the Craft Lover, click here.

Do you like mason jars?  If so, what do you use them for?



Thanks a “Bundt”ch…

Another school year comes to an end.  It seems like yesterday that my Caro was starting 7th grade, buying the new backpack, uniforms, all the excitement as to what the new year would bring, and all of the new memories to be made.  But, now she’s ready for summer and very much looking forward to the break.  For me, it’s always a time to look back and appreciate my daughter’s teachers, and what she has learned from them. While there’s always that one that was a bit difficult, (and makes us wonder why they chose to teach) overall, we have been fortunate, and my daughter had a great year, with some fantastic teachers that she really enjoyed and learned a lot from.

As I’ve mentioned, we are a crafty family, and we love to come up with cute, original teacher gifts, instead of the usual mug or pencil cup. In the past we’ve created scrapbooks, summer beach baskets full of goodies, etc.  We typically contribute to the end of year collection, but in addition, she likes to give each teacher something extra, just to show her appreciation. However, I thought this would be the year that we would not look for individual gifts, as she no longer has one teacher, but nine!  Boy, was I wrong. She tells me at the last-minute that we haven’t bought the teacher gifts yet and that we have to hurry up. What???  So we started brainstorming and browsing Pinterest, where I get a lot of my crafty ideas from. But most of the items seemed to be for teachers of younger grades, and we were running short on time.  So I decided to change it up this year, and perhaps get cupcakes or brownies, something that would be enjoyed, rather than just put away in a drawer.

Bundlet tower gifts

Bundlet tower gifts

That’s when I remembered a new place in town called Nothing Bundt Cakes (they sell nationwide). They make the most incredible, moist bundt cakes, in various flavors, such as Cinnamon Swirl, White White Chocolate, Red Velvet, and my favorite new flavor Strawberries & Cream, all topped with their signature cream cheese frosting. They come in several sizes, and in single servings, perfect for a quick gift or a party favor. Crisis averted.  I sent her to school this morning with all of the mini bundt cakes, wrapped up in cellophane bags, ribbons and cute tags, and she was thrilled! You don’t always have to spend a lot of money. You can have your child make something, especially the younger kids.  I think many people tend to forget how much our teachers influence our children, but I have a few close friends that are teachers. I know how hard they work and how much it means to them. Please make sure you thank your child’s teachers this year, a warm felt thank you can go a long way!


Different options for bundt cake gifts Photo Courtesy of Nothing Bundt Cakes

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