Britto Mania

Homeless Meters

“Homeless” Meters

I’m sure by now most everyone recognizes the work of famous pop artist Romero Britto. His art literally pops up almost all around the world, in places like New York City, Singapore, Berlin, London, Brazil, Sweden, and of course in Miami, his home since 1989.  Pretty much you are bound to run into a Britto sculpture in most major airports, parks, shopping centers, you name it. But his artwork is very widespread here in South Florida.

I’ve always been drawn to his art, as it’s very colorful and happy. Our daughter fell in love with his huge heart sculpture when she was a toddler. She first saw it in the window of his gallery on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, when she was 2 years old. Every time we passed by the gallery, she started jumping up and down and insisted we go inside so she could see the heart up close.  Of course not every one cares for this type of art, and he is sometimes criticized for his work, but I’ve always found it very interesting. I also think it’s great that artists and celebrities utilize their popularity to help worthy causes, as he has many times. The “Homeless” Meters placed throughout Miami, collect change from random passerbys and then distribute it to local organizations helping in the fight to end homelessness, essentially, they are collection boxes.

Miami is full of Britto sculptures throughout the city. Here are a few of my favorites:

My daughter a few years ago visiting her favorite heart sculpture on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.


Midtown Shopping Center, Miami


Grapeland Water Park, Miami


Various sculptures at the Kendall Village Shopping Center, Miami


A condo building near I-95 in Miami.

A condo building near I-95 in Miami (another one of my daughter’s favorites)


At the Miami Children's Museum

At the Miami Children’s Museum


Shopping center on 5th Street and Alton Road, Miami Beach

Shopping center on 5th Street and Alton Road, Miami Beach


Dadeland Station Shopping Center, Miami

Dadeland Station Shopping Center, Miami

Do you like this type of art?  Do you own any Britto pieces?

For many Britto items, check out their website at

If you’re in the Miami area, you can visit the gallery at:

Britto Central
818 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach


An authentic, homemade Cuban ice-cream shop, named after the trademark shout of the beloved Cuban salsa singer Celia Cruz, located in the heart of Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, featuring over 40 Latin infused ice cream flavors…how could we not stop in?  Of course I’m talking about Azúcar, which in a relatively short amount of time, has become a staple of this historical Calle Ocho community. Although the shop is small, there are a few benches (covered with guayabera shirts) where you can sit down and enjoy your tasty treats.

Beautiful painting of Celia Cruz hanging inside of the shop

Beautiful painting of Celia Cruz hanging inside of the shop

Outside of  Azúcar

Outside of Azúcar

All of the extravagant flavors scream sabor latino, such as, Cuatro Leches (4 milks cake), Guayaba, Platano Maduro (Sweet Plantain), Mulatica (Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie), Besitos (Vanilla & Pink Meringues), and Mamacita (Orange Blossom-Almond). However, Azucar’s signature flavor Abuela Maria, which consists of homemade vanilla ice-cream, infused with sweet chunks of guava, tangy cream cheese and crumbly bits of Maria cookies, was by far my favorite!

Their signature Abuela María flavor

Their signature Abuela María flavor Photo Courtesy of Azúcar Ice Cream Company

I recently discovered that this flavor has become so popular, that it’s also being offered in some Cuban restaurants throughout the city. Now I should warn you that although there is a huge list of flavors written on the chalkboard wall, only a portion are usually on offer. (I was looking forward to tasting the Balsamic-Strawberry and Platano Maduro, but they were not available that day).  But that’s not a problem, as I’m sure we will be back.  Even my daughter, who I have to sometimes bribe to try Cuban cuisine of any kind, really enjoyed her Domino (Oreo Cookies ‘n’ Cream) ice cream.

Visit Azúcar on your next visit to Miami, try one of their delicious concoctions, and let me know which flavor was your favorite!

Azúcar Ice Cream Company
 1503 SW 8th Street
Miami, Florida 33135
(305) 381-0369