PC vs. iMac?

Well, it’s that time again, time to upgrade my computer.  My current one is almost 7 years old…yes, you read correctly, 7 years old!  It’s so old, I couldn’t even download the free trial version of Photoshop! I know that nowadays, everyone seems to update their toys (phones, tablets, computers), almost on a yearly basis, but I sometimes tend to follow the train of thought “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” (well not really, I just hate learning how to operate new electronic gadgets).  And when it comes to leaning how to operate these new gadgets, hubby is not much help. He hates it even more than I do.  Every time I need to upgrade my computer, I always come across the same question…is it finally time to make the switch?  Of course, by the “switch”, I mean from a PC to a Mac.  Let me start by saying that I love all things Apple.  I can’t live without my iPhone, everyone in my house owns one.  We also love our iPads and we listen to all our music through iTunes. As my husband says I love Apple, because all of their products are “pretty”.  As usual, he’s right.  I just love how beautiful the iMac is. But, beauty is not everything.  Every time I sit and use an iMac, after 5 minutes, I feel like I need a drink!  I don’t like the mouse, I don’t like Safari, and the “windows” all look weird to me…everything is in the wrong place!  Then hubby says  he “needs” to have a PC at home and he doesn’t like the iMac at all.  Now, I know many of you will disagree with me because you love the Macs, and that’s OK.  I think there are plenty of computers out there to fit everyone’s needs.

My new Dell...

My new Dell…

So…PC wins again.  We decided on a Dell All-in-One with a 27″ touch screen.  Well, at least it looks a bit like the iMac, but it’s still a Windows platform, which is what we’re used to.  Although of course, I think Windows 8.1 will drive me to drink too! All of those colorful boxes look very “pretty”, but it takes time getting used to.  Thank goodness there is still the desktop option.

Which do you prefer…PC or iMac???


47 thoughts on “PC vs. iMac?

  1. I am in the same boat you’re in right now. I am not a fan of Apple though and have resisted them thus far and went with the Samsung Galaxy 4 phone and a Samsung Notebook for my tablet. I need a new PC or a laptop and i can’t for the life of me decide which one it should be. We travel alot and the laptop would probably make better since. But my PC is a Dell and it is 10 years old and I know it needs replaced but I know where everything is on there and even how to fix some of it’s problems. I’ve been trying to decide for about 4 months now and am no closer than I was at the beginning!


  2. That is a loaded question LOL I think they both have their advantages, for sure, and I actually work on PC at the office and Mac at home. But, if I was purchasing a brand new computer for my own use tomorrow, I would go for a Mac! (It takes about 2 weeks of non-stop using a Mac before you’re not frustrated anymore LOL After that, you’re good to go! But that’s a very nice new computer you have!

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  3. I switched from a PC to a Mac about 2 years ago. My decision was based on years of working to repair desktops for so many people. We would implement a new computer and constantly have issues, if we delivered a MAC we never got support calls. I did not want the hassles that a windows based pc came with so I chose a Mac. The transition was a bit different, like I said I repaired the other type fora living. Once I changed, now using a windows based computer is difficult to maneuver – it is just new and a change – most people do not like change!

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  4. my husband and I tried a mac, last year when we got new computers ~ but neither of us liked it at all. We both like our Dell pcs. But, then, we also didn’t like Windows 8, so paid extra to have Windows 7 substituted in


  5. I have a similar computer that I’m tapping away at right now, but I look over at my MAC and smile. I love them both, but PC, there’s just something about it. Enjoy your new computer, it looks awesome.


  6. My hubby had a Mac for a while and I had a PC. It took me awhile to switch but I was tired up having to buy a new laptop every 18 months because the old PC would die. Now that I have a Mac – I don’t think I could ever go back.


  7. I am a PC person. I know that MACs are technically superior, especially for video and photo editing, but I’m just more comfortable with a PC.


  8. We have a mac and love that everything syncs together with our iPad and iPhones. Uploading and editing pictures and then sharing them has been so much easier for me on the Mac. But, my son is PC all the way.


  9. I am a PC person, but prefer Apple gadgets. I’ve always had Dell up until a few years ago when I traded my desktop for a ASUS laptop. I never use it as a laptop because it’s so heavy. I decided to get a large screen laptop so when we traveled we could watch movies and so I could actually see the screen when I wrote. Over the years using it as a desktop has driven me crazy. I have been an Apple fan for many years. We used Apple in a few jobs I had. I am familar with them. I’ve had iPhones since they came out and love my iPad. I have played with iMac and Macbook multiple times over the years. I am considering a Mac Mini so that I can have the Mac OS and still use my own mouse, keyboard and dual monitors without the added expense of the extras. I do a lot of photo editing, video editing and other freelance work. Apple is known to be better for that sort of stuff. I’ve been in the market to replace my laptop and get a desktop.I tried a few PC with the Win 8 and the touch screen monitors. I find that my ADD would take over and I wouldn’t get much work done. LOL


      • Well, now you have read my experience with the iMac since I did not go with the Mac Mini. It’s a nice computer, it really is, but the iMac is an i5 quad core and my laptop is an i5 dual core and honestly the Mac didn’t run any better. Even after I got around the learning curve. LOL. I am not sure how I am going to feel about Win 8, but I can always go back to Win 7. I just want a desktop thats going to work for me so I can leave the laptop off the desk!


  10. I like a PC but my hubby likes a Mac. I’ve gone through four, yes four pc’s and laptops in the same amount of time he has had his Mac (he got it about 7 years ago). He updated and bought a new Mac last year, but still uses his old one all of the time. My 3yr old laptop is on its way out (shutting off at will even w/a full battery). I should switch…. I don’t want to put out that initial cost to get a Mac. Seems silly when you look at the big picture, I know. 🙂


    • I guess I’ve had luck with my PC’s, they’ve all lasted me around 6-7 years without problems, except theat they start getting slow, with all this new technology and faster more complicated programs coming out. Mine have always been Dell, we’ve been very happy with them, but the Macs are beautiful!


  11. Most everyone I’ve talked to who has a Mac loves it but I’m like you …. it’s hard for me to think about switching because it would be so different and there’s always a learning curve, not to mention it seems like some of the applications for Mac just don’t work like the PC ones and so it seems to take more to get things done! Maybe one day when I have the luxury of time to learn all the new stuff but for now I think PC is still best for me too!


  12. I am a PC person too. I love photoshop and have heard it doesn’t play well with the Mac’s. So I will probably always be a PC person. It took me years to learn photoshop and I have spent tons of money on plug ins too. I just can’t bear the thought of learning all of that again! LOL! It is about time for me to upgrade again too. I have buttons missing on my laptop! I do like my Ipad though and couldn’t live without my Iphone!


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