PC vs. iMac?

Well, it’s that time again, time to upgrade my computer.  My current one is almost 7 years old…yes, you read correctly, 7 years old!  It’s so old, I couldn’t even download the free trial version of Photoshop! I know that nowadays, everyone seems to update their toys (phones, tablets, computers), almost on a yearly basis, but I sometimes tend to follow the train of thought “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” (well not really, I just hate learning how to operate new electronic gadgets).  And when it comes to leaning how to operate these new gadgets, hubby is not much help. He hates it even more than I do.  Every time I need to upgrade my computer, I always come across the same question…is it finally time to make the switch?  Of course, by the “switch”, I mean from a PC to a Mac.  Let me start by saying that I love all things Apple.  I can’t live without my iPhone, everyone in my house owns one.  We also love our iPads and we listen to all our music through iTunes. As my husband says I love Apple, because all of their products are “pretty”.  As usual, he’s right.  I just love how beautiful the iMac is. But, beauty is not everything.  Every time I sit and use an iMac, after 5 minutes, I feel like I need a drink!  I don’t like the mouse, I don’t like Safari, and the “windows” all look weird to me…everything is in the wrong place!  Then hubby says  he “needs” to have a PC at home and he doesn’t like the iMac at all.  Now, I know many of you will disagree with me because you love the Macs, and that’s OK.  I think there are plenty of computers out there to fit everyone’s needs.

My new Dell...

My new Dell…

So…PC wins again.  We decided on a Dell All-in-One with a 27″ touch screen.  Well, at least it looks a bit like the iMac, but it’s still a Windows platform, which is what we’re used to.  Although of course, I think Windows 8.1 will drive me to drink too! All of those colorful boxes look very “pretty”, but it takes time getting used to.  Thank goodness there is still the desktop option.

Which do you prefer…PC or iMac???