Lilly Pulitzer for Target…

How can my shopping experience at Target get any better (is that even possible?) This is how…only 2 more days until the launch of Lilly Pulitzer at Target! I’m so excited, I’ve been a Lilly fan for many years, and I think it’s an amazing collaboration for those that enjoy the preppy look but find the Lilly collection a bit out of their price range. That’s the best part of the deal…Target will sell Lilly items at Target prices, but only for a limited time!  Doesn’t get much better than that. You can browse the entire look book online, which includes over 250 products for women, children, beauty, and home ranging in price from $2 (for a nail file) to $150 (for a hammock), but nearly 200 of the items come in with a price below $30. While the collection will be available in stores, some items will be sold exclusively at And make sure to watch the campaign video, featuring actors Chris Noth (Mr. Big from Sex and The City) and Bella Thorne in the midst of a ’60s Palm Beach soiree. Take at look at some of the items Target will be carrying: 


Photos courtesy of Target.

Will you be shopping at Target this coming Sunday?  I know I will…

What is a Bath Bomb?

Have you ever heard of bath bombs?  I had not until my very recent trip to LUSH Cosmetics. Let me say, when I first walked in I felt like I was in a scene from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory!  The entire store is so colorful and full of displays, I didn’t know where to look first and I admit I felt a bit overwhelmed. I was immediately greeted by a very sweet and friendly young lady (who must have seen the dazed and confused look on my face), who wanted to educate me on their products. You see, LUSH is a company that uses fresh, organic, safe synthetics, and the finest essential oils. They also firmly believe in buying ingredients from companies who don’t test on animals. After she told me all about this wonderful company, I was still a bit confused as to what they actually sold, as the entire store was full of beautifully wrapped gift boxes (it was during Christmas).  Take a look:

Christmas Package Display

Christmas Package Display

They sell many items, shampoos, deodorants, hand creams and bath bombs, to name a few.  Which brings me back to the question: What is a bath bomb??


Well, a bath bomb is formulated with the finest ingredients and essential oils to cleanse both the mind and body. Simply drop the “bomb” into a ready run, warm bath, watch it fizzle and dissolve in the water and release a lovely scent. I bought a few items as Christmas gifts, and a few for myself too.  They all smell delicious!  My daughter recently received one of their beautiful gift sets for her birthday, the Tickled Pink set, which among many yummy smelling bath items, it also included three different bath bombs.

Tickled Pink Gift Set

Tickled Pink Gift Set

Needless to say, she was dying to take a bath and use one of them and when she did, her entire bathroom and bedroom smelled of the incredible scent. Our favorite is the Twilight scented bomb with lavender and ylang ylang oils, perfect for a relaxing bath and calming the body at nighttime. When you first drop this into the bath it starts to release a sweet-smelling foam.  The bath bomb dissolves slowly in the water, oozing out an abundance of pink and blue swirls that froth and bubble on the surface.  Take a look at this:

A dissolving Twilight bath bomb...

A dissolving Twilight bath bomb…

Who wouldn’t enjoy a bath a like this?  Oh and I should mention that the bath bombs are rather large, and many people break them in half and spread them across two baths instead of one (of course, we don’t). Here are a few more pics of the beautiful, sweet smelling LUSH bath bomb gift sets for your enjoyment!

Wrapped Gift Sets

Wrapped Gift Sets

LUSH Cosmetics
7535 Dadeland Mall
Miami, FL 33156

Have you been to LUSH or do you use their products?  I’d love to hear what you think.  And don’t forget to checkout their beautiful Valentine’s Day gift sets too!

Monogram Jewelry

My daughter on her lst birthday, wearing her monogrammed acrylic necklace from Moon & Lola

My daughter wearing her monogram acrylic necklace from M&L

In the past few years, monogram and personalized jewelry have made a huge comeback.  You see everyone wearing the large initial necklaces and the nameplates, almost everywhere you look. I remember my “Carrie” necklace from the 80’s (I think I still have it), and I’m glad I kept it!  One of my favorite stores to find these fun pieces is Moon & Lola, a jewelry boutique featuring necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other high fashion items, all designed and produced in Apex, NC, a few towns over from Raleigh.  There is also a flagship store in downtown Raleigh, and one in Charleston, SC.  But of course, if you don’t live near to any of these locations, you can always visit their website to find numerous retailers that carry their items, nationwide, including Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. And by the way, their colorful monogrammed cuff links ended up on Oprah’s 72-item “Favorite Things” holiday list for 2014, read all about it, here.

Just having visited Raleigh a few weeks ago, I can tell you M&L is a place not to be missed.  First, the store is gorgeous!  When you walk in, you’re not sure where to look.  So many cute, comfy, pink couches, and all of their displays are beautiful.

Moon & Lola, Raleigh

Moon & Lola, Raleigh

Also, the staff could not be friendlier.  Each time I’ve visited the store I have always been greeted by very attentive, sweet, young ladies that really take the time to help you personalize just about any item they sell.  Needless to say, we made a few purchases, and my daughter loved everything about this place, so I’m sure we will be returning on our future Raleigh visits.  And if we don’t make it back soon…there’s always the website!

Gorgeous displays at Moon & Lola

Gorgeous displays at Moon & Lola

My daughter in heaven...designing some bracelets with charms...

My daughter in heaven…designing some bracelets with charms…

More beautiful displays...

More beautiful displays…

 Moon & Lola

219 North Salem Street, Suite 100
Apex, NC

208 South Wilmington Street
Raleigh, NC

Many other retailers sell monogram jewelry as well, as it’s very much a trend right now, especially among the younger crowds.  A few of my other favorite online monogram jewelry websites include:

 Allison & Ivy

  Marley Lilly

 Three Hip Chicks

   Max and Chloe

 Swell Caroline

Do you like or own any monogram jewelry, and if you do, which are your favorite pieces?

My Favorite Pink Things

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to create a fun list of all things pink (some items might make my Christmas wish list to hubby):

  1. Who doesn’t love pink tulips…available any place flowers are sold!
  2. Fujifilm INSTAX Camera; $65 at or
  3. Strawberry cupcakes; available at most cupcake shops, but my all time favorite is the vanilla with strawberry frosting from Buttercream Cupcakes & Coffee in Coral Gables $2.75 each
  4. UGG Nala clogs in English Primrose; $80
  5. Coach DREE stainless steel wrap watch; $198
  6. Classic Cambridge Satchel bag; $155
  7. Strawberry Milkshake Oreos…no explanation needed!
  8. Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer; $570

And my favorite Audrey Hepburn quote, which my daughter has up in her room:

I believe in pink…

Many of these items are available in various other colors, but this month, it’s all about PINK!  What are your favorite pink things?

Very Vera

Who hasn’t heard of  Vera Bradley?  I have been a Vera Bradley fan for over 13 years now.  The first item I ever owned was my daughter’s diaper bag, a surprise gift from my husband.  Of course, he had no idea who Vera Bradley was back then, he just thought I would really like it, and I did (I still have it).  Ever since then, I have been a bit obsessed with Vera.  What I’m really addicted to are the travel bags and accessories (smaller pouches, phone cases, beach towels).  I became a real fan when we lived in Raleigh a few years ago, where Veras were sold everywhere and everyone uses them.  Eventually, my daughter became obsessed too.  She loves all the binders, pens, sticky notes, and every year she gets a new backpack and lunch bag with the latest pattern for school.  We now live in Miami, and you don’t see many Veras around this neck of the woods, but we still love our bags!  And lucky for us, there is a Vera Bradley store at the Falls Shopping Center.

The large duffel bag in beautiful prints.

The large duffel bag in beautiful prints. Photo courtesy of

What I like most about these bags is that they’re washable.  We travel a lot as a family, and I’m a bit of a “germaphobe”, so I love the fact that once we’ve returned from our trips, I can just pop these bags in the washer, and they’re ready to go again.  They are also full of great compartments and pockets, which make packing a carry-on bag very easy.

A Vera fan from the start!

A Vera fan from the start!

I also like that they’re quite durable.  My daughter’s backpack is always in pretty good condition by the time schools ends, and I usually wash both the backpack and lunch bag several times during the year.  This makes it very easy for resale on eBay or to give them away to friends.

Now, they are a bit pricey, but they are really well made.  They only drawback that I see, is that in the past few years, they have changed the patterns and styles quite often, making it difficult to complete a collection (not an issue for me).  But if you’re lucky you can still find some of the retired patterns on eBay.

And of course if you live anywhere near Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Vera is headquartered, you can attend their Annual Spring Outlet Sale, always held in April, with discounts of 40-60% off retail prices.  I have never been to one of these sales (probably a good thing), but I have had the pleasure of visiting their outlet store in Orlando, which was quite the adventure.  People were running all over the place grabbing anything they could get their hands on, so I can only imagine the craziness that takes place in Indiana!

The latest in Vera...the baby collection. Photo courtesy of

The latest in Vera…the baby collection. Photo courtesy of

Vera Bradley Annual Spring Sale

Vera Bradley Annual Spring Outlet Sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Do you own any Vera Bradley bags, and if you do, which are your favorites?

Summer Sandals

Sandals always remind me of summer. Lucky for me that I live in Miami because I love to wear sandals all the time, and I usually do.  I probably own more pairs of sandals than any other type of shoe!  But for those of you that do not live down south and can enjoy wearing sandals the next few months, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite ones:

My Favorite Sandals

My Favorite Sandals


  1. Jack Rogers;; these are my all time favorite summer sandals.  They come in a variety of colors, and are also available in wedges.  Prices range from $110-$128.  They also offer jelly beach sandals for $68. I’ve owned many of these, and they last a super long time.  They’re also really comfortable after you break them in!
  2. Havaianas;; these are simply the best flip-flops all around.  They also come in a variety of colors and patterns.  Prices range from $26-$32.  They also come in wedges and new t-sandal styles.  If you’re undecided, you can design your own Havaiana on their website!
  3. Sam Edelman;; Gigi style, comes in various color combinations, $65.  These are very comfortable and you can match them to almost any summertime outfit.
  4. Espadrilles;; Sesto Meucci style, $65.99.  Who doesn’t love espadrilles in the summer?  I often buy mine in Spain or Italy, but Zappos offers tons of styles of espadrilles, in all colors, prices and styles!
  5. Born;; Neeli style, $85.  While at first glance Born shoes may not always appear the most fashionable, they are definitely very comfortable.  These are the best type of sandals to take on vacations where you’ll be walking a lot!  Trust me, they come in very handy.

What are your favorite summer sandals?

Flipping Out at Old Navy

If you’re planning on shopping this weekend, then head on over to your local Old Navy this Saturday, June 28, 2014, for their annual $1 Flip Flop Sale.  If you have a Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic credit card you can stop in stores on Friday and get the deal a day early.

This is Old Navy’s biggest sale of the year (as you can imagine) and the stores are super busy with very long lines.  But how can you beat $1 for a pair of summer flip flops?  Unfortunately, this offer is only valid on in-store purchases, so for those of you who enjoy internet shopping (like me), the deal is not available online.

According to the Old Navy Facebook Page, each store will be opening as early as they are permitted. The stores will be updating their store hours on the store locator at  So make sure you check your local store’s opening time to be certain you don’t arrive two hours later, and be faced with much less selection. There is a limit of five pairs per person.

While you’re there, check out the mix and match bathing suits styles, which are also pretty well priced.  My daughter just picked up a few pieces for our upcoming trip!

Photo Courtesy of Old Navy

Photo Courtesy of Old Navy